Useful Information

The activities will begin starting
on Monday, September 13th 2021
and will end on Saturday, June 19th 2022

The registrations start Tuesday, September 6th  2021.

Possibility to do a trial course.

If the number of people registered is not sufficient, the MJC reserves the right to cancel the activity. 

– Days and schedules could be changed in cases of major force.
– Activities are suspended during school holidays and public holidays, internships can be offered  on weekends and holiday periods.
– A medical certificate is required for gym and dance activities.
– No black-soled shoes in the body expression room.
– Special access conditions may be imposed in the event of changes to the sanitary measures taken by the authorities.

We remind you that for all children activities, it is mandatory to bring and come to pick up your child in the activity room. 

Payment facilities for contributions over € 100 
Only for any registration between September and October. Inquire at the secretariat.

Reductions (not cumulative) 
-5% = each person who participates to several workshops.  
-5% = starting with two members of a same family (photocopy of the booklet). 
-20% = Persons benefiting from the RSA and ASS, a disabled adults allowance, the minimum old-age pension (on proof).

Help from Manosque’s City Hall 
For Manosque’s under -25s : file to be withdrawn from the Youth Department of the city Hall.

Repayment terms
Only between September 2021 and June 2022: mutation, relocation (more than 50 kms), illness preventing the resumption of activity,  death, by presenting proof and sending a letter to the Chair of the MJC.

Membership from September 2021 to August 2022
Within our association, the annual membership is mandatory for any registration to a workshop or a training course.
Our members can benefit from reduced rates on the programs organized by the MJC (concerts, highlights, tours, etc.).

Mandatory membership to the MJC
payable in one go and non-refundable

– 26 years: € 10 / + 26 years: € 22
Family: 25 € (1 parent + 1 or more children)